Our digital hub supports school links between Sierra Leone and the UK by training teachers and principals in ICT. It can also be booked by individuals and private groups for ICT training, exam preparation and research.

Individual bookings

Individuals can use the hub on a first come, first served basis, for up to two hours at a time. Monthly membership is encouraged and is restricted to:

  • Members of the former library
  • IELTS candidates
  • Renowned activists (and those known to the British Council) 
  • People working for NGOs
  • People working in the justice, academic, education and library and information sectors 
  • Sierra Leone Ministry officials
  • Students and graduates doing research and job hunting

To join the hub, please complete a membership application form (see below) and bring it to the British Council in Sierra Leone with proof of employment or education enrolment and two recent passport photographs. Please allow 24 hours for processing of your application. Membership is renewable monthly.

Ad hoc use is available to non-members only if they are visiting professionals/consultants, who are engaged in the not-for-profit sector only. We are not a business centre.   

Group bookings

The hub can be booked for group sessions and training for teachers, information professionals and those working in the education sector.  

Sessions can be held for the whole, half day or on an hourly basis from Monday to Friday.  At least one weeks' notice is required.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and agree terms.

About the hub

Opening hours

Day Time
Monday-Thursday 08.30-16.00
Friday 08.30-14.00
Saturday-Sunday Closed


Individual rates

Monthly membership Le 60,000
Hourly use (limited times) Le 5,000
30 minute use Le 2,500
Printing Le 500 per page

Group rates

Half day                 Le 200,000
Full day Le 250,000

Terms and conditions of use

  • Individual members have access to the computers on a first-come first-served basis and should not exceed two hours of use on any one occasion
  • The British Council reserves the right to refuse membership and to cancel membership if any of our conditions are infringed
  • The use (or charging) of mobile phones is prohibited in the internet and main office area at all times. Calls should be made in the waiting area on the ground floor
  • Users are not allowed to wander around the building and offices
  • Our network will allow you to use IELTS practise CD Roms & DVDs 
  • Membership is only valid for one month at a time but is renewable very quickly and easily
  • We occasionally close the centre for special training and group sessions but will provide as much notice as possible
  • If a school or an organisation joins the digital hub, they should present a list of all the names in their group. It is expected that they should not exceed 10 names
  • Members from the registered school/organisation should present their ID cards at the reception desk when they arrive
  • Group bookings must be made a week in advance with the names of the group
  • Group members must inform customer services of any change of name by letter explaining the reason for the change
  • Printing is charged for all pages printed

Refund policy

  • Membership is acquired immediately on payment of the first subscription. Refunds will not be given in the event that a person resigns from membership, however brief their membership period

IT code of conduct

  • A copy of our Accessible Usage Policy is accessible with every machine that you are expected to read and comply with
  • Internet users are not allowed to download applications software from the internet
  • Users must not access dubious or unsuitable sites
  • The British Council reserves the right to block unsuitable sites, and to ban offenders
  • Users are not allowed to import data on USB or CD support, unless these have been checked for viruses in advance by a member of British Council staff