Teachers and trainer at the Connecting Classrooms workshop
Connecting Classrooms workshop

Providing professional development and accreditation for Sierra Leonean teachers

A five-day Connecting Classrooms workshop held at the British Council Sierra Leone in October 2014, in association with Institute of Educational and Extra-Mural Studies (INSEEMS), helped to recognise the good work that teachers are doing in Sierra Leone in spite of the Ebola crisis.

Our global education programme for schools, Connecting Classrooms, offers funding to support partnerships between schools in the UK and other countries.  Partnerships enrich the curriculum, improve skills and motivation and help schools meet core government educational objectives.

Professional development, and eligibility for accreditation, play an important role in the Connecting Classrooms programme, helping teachers to get the most out of their partnerships. Accreditation is the formal recognition, by certification, of the learning undertaken by teachers involved in the programme. 

In total we have now organised and trained over 100 teachers in Sierra Leone as part of Connecting Classrooms.  Teachers have benefited from modules such as:

  • Communication Skills and the Use of English
  • ICT
  • Attitudinal and Behavioural Change
  • Child Friendly Learning
  • School Governance
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Guidance and Counselling.

Find out more about the Connecting Classrooms programme and how your school can get involved.

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