1. How do I make payment for an Exam? 

If you are paying for IELTS, select the appropriate exam type, filling in the required details and proceeding to make payment using the online payment option.

2. Can I input my sponsor’s or guardian’s card number when prompted to input a card number at payment? 

You must use a card with enough funds on it. It does not matter whose card you use if it can handle international payments it will work.

3. How long do I have to input my card number and complete a transaction? 

You will have one hour to make the payment at this stage.

4. How do I know if my payment is successful? 

You will get a debit from your bank of a successful debit and a success response displayed on the payment page these confirms a successful payment.

5. What which cards can I use to make the payment? 

You can payment using a card enabled for international payments. These could be Visa, Master Amex etc.

6. How much will I be charged to pay by online card? 

The standard transaction fees by your bank apply but when making your payment, you only need to make the full payment requested by the British Council.

7. Will I receive a receipt after successful payment? 

You will receive a confirmation of your payment via email immediately. We will follow it up with a test confirmation after 48 hours.

8. What happens if there is a system delay, and no confirmation email is received after payment?

  Wait another 24 hours and then contact British Council via email/telephone.

9. Can I make payment via card if I am not in Sierra Leone?

Yes if you use a card enabled for international payments you can make payments from anywhere in the world.

10. Do I need to send the email confirmation to the British Council after payment? 

No, you don’t. If your payment is successful, the British Council will receive all the necessary information to process your application.