Two women reading a textbook
Justice Matters

Strengthening the rights of women and girls in conflict with the law

The Justice Matters project is implemented by the British Council Sierra Leone in partnership with local NGO, AdvocAid.  The project is funded by a co-funding grant from the European Union Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

Through the project we provide:

  • legal aid to women and girls charged with criminal offences;
  • literacy training and welfare to support to women and girls in prison; and
  • information to the wider community about the rights of women and girls. 

The project aims to increase access to justice, in particular for women and girls in Sierra Leone, to influence legislation and policy and to improve the treatment and conditions of prisoners and people in conflict with the law.  

It will also address the Universal Periodic Review recommendation for the removal of obstacles preventing women from having effective access to justice and will adopt appropriate measures to promote basic legal assistance and knowledge of women's rights, including the right to obtain redress in the courts. 

For more information about Justice Matters, please contact us.