1. Is the British Council office building closing?

 Yes, the office located at 20 A J Momoh Street, Tower Hill, Sierra Leone, will close by the end of April 2022. Like many other organisations, the British Council suffered huge financial losses due to the pandemic leading to difficult decisions, one of which is to permanently close a number of offices across our global network.

2. Will the British Council continue to deliver exams?

Yes. The British Council will continue to deliver exams including IELTS, ACCA through our partner locations in Sierra Leone. The booking process for these exams remains the same and when completed, customers will receive detailed information regarding their test schedule. 

3.  How can I register and pay for my IELTS exams?

Access Book your IELTS test | British Council for more information on the registration process.

 You can make your payment with a credit/debit card via our online registration portal. For a guide on how to pay find out more on our Online Payment FAQs  Please note we are no longer able to accept cash deposits with the bank, it is online card payment only.

4. How do I pay for other IELTS service requests such as Enquiry on Results, Transfer Requests, Courier fees for Additional TRFs and IELTS Study pack?

 We have created a platform where you can make requests and payments for these services online using a credit/debit card. Click here to access the platform. Please contact Customer Services for any queries.

5. How can I register for the ACCA exam?

We do not handle the registrations and payments for ACCA exams. You will have to register and pay directly with ACCA. British Council only hosts the ACCA exams. We will continue to deliver ACCA exams                through partner locations in Sierra Leone.

6. Will my registered and paid exams still happen?

 If you have registered and paid for your test, it will take place as planned.  You should have received a confirmation letter with details on your, date, venue, and time for your test.

 Contact our Customer Service teams should you have any queries.

 7. How will I get my IELTS results?

We will dispatch one hard copy of the results via courier to the destination of your choice at no extra cost. Please ensure you provide us with your full physical address details on request.

You can also view your online results 13 calendar days after your IELTS on Paper test, 3-5 days for your IELTS on Computer test, and 7 days for the IELTS Life skills exams. 

Your results will be available on your candidate portal for 28 calendar days after release.

Your IELTS test report form will be available for pick up, at the DHL office located at Brookfields Freetown, 30 Motor Main Rd, Freetown, Sierra Leone, for a 2-month period after the release of the results.

8.  Will other programmes of the British Council also end?

Yes, other face to face programming will end, however, we will continue to support activities in Sierra Leone remotely and facilitate connections between the UK and Sierra Leone in education such as our yearly participation at the Education World Forum (EWF) and our work in girls’ education and related opportunities where partner funding is available.

9. Will British Council open another office in Sierra Leone in the future?

Unfortunately, we cannot say now. However, we would like to reassure you that we remain committed to our mission, and we will continue to impact lives in the Sub-Saharan Africa region with our various programmes and projects.

10. If I have an issue that requires face-to-face interaction what happens?

      Please contact us on the channels listed below and we will arrange a personal video call with you.

11. How can we contact you for further information?

         You may contact us via; 

             E-mail - enquiry@sl.britishcouncil.org;

            Telephone: 232 22 220 775 (Active till 30 April 2022)

             WhatsApp +232 72949449. 

            Facebook – British Council Sierra Leone 

            Twitter - slBritish