Connecting Programme

We explore the art sectors in which we work, so that we can share knowledge with others and inspire new connections and imaginings between West Africa and the UK. We do this through storytelling projects and by being actively available to create new connections through our programmes.

_in Motion Travel Grant

for SSA artists to research and engage with each other’s art sectors, festivals, and creative communities and to share their journeys with others.

_in Motion Scoping Grant

for UK arts organisations/curators/programmers coming to SSA to connect with the local contemporary art sectors.


A digital arts residency taking place within festivals, giving SSA and UK artists the time and space to experiment, make new art, and connect their art to new audiences.

Festival Connect

An open call for SSA and UK festivals to exchange and showcase new contemporary art. 

New Art New Audience

Open call for artists across SSA and the UK to make new art, and to share this art with international audiences.