Creative Economy Programme

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Our research into the next generation of young people in SSA and the UK tells us that people want: 

• Capital to start-up creative businesses of their own 

• Business skills training, and peer to peer mentorship opportunities 

• Spaces to talk, share concerns, and support each other 

We respond to this by offering individuals and organisations training in business and digital skills, networking events, access to new markets, connections to resources and financial opportunities through the Creative Enterprise Programme, Creative Hustle, West Africa Creative Enterprise Support Programme and Lagos filmLAB. 

Click on the sections below for more information about the different programme activities and look out for the call for applications.

Creative Enterprise Programme

The Creative Enterprise Programme delivered in partnership with NESTA is a five-day capacity-building workshop that supports entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. 

This workshop is a learn-by-doing approach - participants complete the workshop exercises with their business in focus. There are interactive exercises, peer-led activities, guest speakers and time for reflection, all curated for a positive learning environment.

The Creative Enterprise Programme is designed for entrepreneurs in the creative industry such as advertising and marketing; architecture; crafts; creative hubs; design (product, graphic, interior etc); digital media and gaming; fashion; film, TV and radio; performing arts; publishing and literature; museums, galleries and libraries; music; and visual arts and photography with businesses in the very early stages (0-2 years) who;

  • Have launched
  • Are in the process of launching 
  • Have a very well-developed business idea and are about to launch.

 Look out for the call for applications.

Creative Hustle

Creative Hustle is a seminar-style event that offers young people aged 18 - 35 the opportunity to gain awareness of the breadth of artistic and non-artistic livelihood opportunities available across creative sector value chains. 

Click here  for content from past events.

Freetown FILMLAB

The Freetown Film Lab seeks to offer filmmakers trainings in storytelling, script writing, producing, directing and marketing high quality low or no budget films to empower them to compete in the international film market and hence improve their quality of production and livelihood.

Multiplier Lab

Multiplier Lab seeks to strengthen intermediaries (creative/cultural hubs and sector support organisations) in West Africa, enhance their capacity to engage, connect and collaborate with their peers in other parts of West Africa and the UK. Through the project, participating organisations will learn to better position for opportunities such as potential collaborations, partnerships, and create connections both in West Africa and the UK, with the aim to scale their organisations and better support their communities.

Applications are temporarily closed. You can view the application criteria here.

West Africa Creative Enterprise Support Programme

The West Africa Creative Enterprise Support Programme is an extension of our Creative Hubs Programme which was first launched in 2017 to upskill young and emerging creative entrepreneurs towards the development of successful businesses which create job opportunities and prosperity in respective countries. We will do this through training, mentoring, coaching, internships opportunities, etc.