House in Freetown
Dem Old Bod Ose

Den Old Bod Ose:  This publication and accompanying exhibition are the culmination of a six month long project that has used photography to document one element of a significant period of West African history, by recording for posterity the fast disappearing Creole architecture of Freetown.

This is perhaps the first important archival project of the 21st Century in Sierra Leone as it has created a bank of digital images to be stored in the National Library.  It may prove a valuable resource to students and researchers in the future. 

The project has also provided an opportunity for the internationally renowned British photographer, Tim Hetherington, who conceived and led the project, to work alongside and develop the talents of the young Sierra Leonean photographer, Sullivan Khallon.

This project marks the latest chapter for Tim in a long association with Sierra Leone - a country that has seen his photojournalistic images, particiapted in his Healing Sport project and witnessed his on-going involvement with the Milton Margai School for the Blind.

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